A must for skiers! The AG BURTON 22 collection will be available soon!

With the snow season upon us, BURTON’s apparel line ANALOG has also released its latest AG BURTON 22 collection.

This latest collection is based on the keyword “functional” and is complemented by low-saturation shades of mint green, sage green and lavender purple in addition to the usual black and white primary colors.

These functional elements shine through in the form of bulky pockets, large silhouettes, and cyberpunk-inspired digital prints. These functional elements shine throughout the AG BURTON 22 collection.

Performance-wise, AG BURTON’s HARDPACK 3L JKT, HARDPACK 3LPT, HEDSTALL 2L ONE PIECE and many more are backed by GORE-TEX technology fabric, making them strong in wind and water resistance.

It is noted that the AG BURTON 22 apparel collection not only includes men’s and women’s apparel but also PINBALL PULSE.

There are also three skis full of surprises, the bi-directional SPROCKET SNOWBOARD, a bi-directional all-around ski of equal toughness HIGH SIDE

The new AG BURTON 22 series will be officially launched on December 17 at the BURTON flagship store on Tmall, APP, BURTON offline flagship store and authorized dealer stores.

BURTON Official Flagship Store
Store link: https://s.click.taobao. com/vn8Oqcu
淘口令(复制以下整段):68¥hlt9XACv51Q¥ https://m.tb.cn/h.f8Z4OAK 


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