AMBUSH teamed up with Zellerfeld to create a “100S” 3D printed shoe

Recently, AMBUSH® and technology sneaker brand Zellerfeld have created a new 3D-printed 100S shoe model, which will be released in the form of NFT in addition to the actual product. The shoe looks similar to the “HERON01,” a 3D printed pullover sneaker that Zellerfeld once co-produced with Heron Preston. The “100S” shoe body is emerald green and has a unique ridge-like structure, with several slits cut in the midsole and heel to provide plenty of breathability for the wearer, while the word “AMBUSH” is engraved on the heel.

It is reported that AMBUSH x Zellerfeld “100S” 3D printed shoes were released at an event held by Stadium Goods SoHo on June 20, and those who won the “100S” will also unlock their digital counterparts in the AMBUSH® SILVER FCTRY virtual world.

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