China Jade CLOT x AJ release date confirmed! Too many details!

The trendy brand CLOT, which is managed by Chen Guanxi, has historically collaborated with Nike and Jordan Brand

A new pair of CLOT x Air Jordan 5 Low was first revealed in physical images in October this year, and the release information finally came out recently.

This time, the two sides continue to design with the theme of Chinese style, and the whole pair of shoes are in black and red tones, with details such as lace-up buckles and side breathable nets embellished in green, continuing the previous CLOT x Air Jordan 35 Low’s Chinese Jade theme.

The upper of the shoe is made of delicate nylon material, the fabric presents a silk-like It is also one of Guanxi’s signature designs.

The lace holes are decorated with green transparent beads, while the laces are also presented in a red and white weave, subtly incorporating Chinese elements.

The Chinese character “二三” is embroidered on the back side of the shoe, still exuding distinctive Chinese elements.

The CLOT and Jumpman logos on the left and right heels and the

The CLOT and Jumpman logos on the left and right heels and the CLOT logo faintly appearing in the green crystal outsole of the forefoot all point to the co-branded status of the shoe.

The insole is printed with a Chinese knot pattern and finished off with a special jade textured The special shoebox, the whole pair of shoes is definitely designed with top specification.

The latest news is that the shoes will be officially released on May 20 next year, nearly half a year later, until the subsequent exposure, we will also pay close attention to the report!

CLOT x Air Jordan 5 Low
Release date: May 20

Pic via: Teddys Sole

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