Doinb are coming to the show! China Li Ning spring and summer new appearance! A dozen pairs of new shoes exposed!

With the end of the year approaching, brands’ new spring/summer 2022 products have been revealed one after another.

China Li Ning also held the China Li Ning 22 Spring Summer Trend Music Festival in Sanya, Hainan last weekend, focusing on the new Spring Summer 22 products.

The scene was star-studded, with stars from different fields such as Doimb and Chloe Chung appearing as runway guests.

There were also musicians such as Julia Chu, Full Shuck, and Big Wave Band who brought live performances.

Jackie Chan was also there as a special guest to bring the new co-branded collection.

China’s Li Ning 22 spring/summer collection focuses on rock climbing, rapids, motocross and other Extreme sports, with the use of technological fabrics, combining practicality and trend closely.

Injecting traditional crafts such as tie-dye, embroidery and paper folding into the garment design.

Shoes are even more interesting, with up to a dozen new pairs of shoes being revealed in one place.

The new models and colors of the Square PREMIUM, Millennium ERA, Cat Claw ACE, Wu Xing III, and Pangu Trek debut.

From still continuing the vintage and mountain style, it brings new options for urban wear and light outdoor scenes.

The previously revealed paper bag version of Wade’s Way 9 Infinity has also officially debuted this time.

The Li Ning x Jackie Chan co-branded Kung Fu series also has a new debut.

The two forms of “static” and “moving” echo the core concept of heaven and earth, and the philosophical deep thought of “going with the flow of nature”is expressed through the clothing, showing the beauty and gesture of the shape and meaning of the kung fu collection.

China Li Ning Spring/Summer 22 collection is now available for purchase. Interested parties can get their hands on it at Li Ning’s online channel or China Li Ning’s offline stores.

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