I vote for the “best looking new UA shoe”! First to open the box, here they are!

I vote for the “best looking new UA shoe”! First to open the box, here they are!

With the arrival of the late winter, major brands have launched shoes for outdoor sports one after another for everyone to choose from, compared to

Recently, UNDER ARMOUR launched a new series of shoes for winter outdoor players, the UA HOVR Phantom 2 Storm, and I’ll bring you an unboxing and footwear demonstration today.

▼ 小编实拍


Classic shoe upgrade
No fear of rain or snow

The collection is based on UNDER ARMOUR’s classic running shoe HOVR

▼ HOVR Phantom 2 (left)

The first model uses a large area of black as the main body, with a portion of the upper revealing the inner material and yellow and blue accent details to add flair to the shoe.

The double layer sock-like UA STORM upper is added to ensure waterproof, breathable, and heat resistant in key areas. breathability, and hot melt compression adhesive in key areas to provide support for the upper.

Remove the lacing system and embody the zipper design instead, ensuring a good seal.

With the elasticated drawstring at the heel, the upper fits the foot better and wraps around the shoe. No need to question.

The functional logo on the outer side of the shoe proves that the shoe is capable of performing well in inclement weather. performance.

The heel wrap TPU enhances stability and ensures no slippage during running.

The other one is shown in white with green accent details, making the whole more simple.

The SpeedForm 2.0 insole, inspired by a bicycle liner, fits the foot with a full palm. The SpeedForm 2.0 insole is designed to fit the foot and features special thickened HOVR, UA’s signature technology, on the full foot to further enhance comfort.

It’s worth noting that the shoe is quite lightweight, with the men’s model weighing in at just 381 grams (size 45).



Functional, value-added
Functional effect pulling full

These shoes are also quite impressive on the feet, the black version is very versatile, sporty appearance with both fashion attributes.

▼ 小编上脚

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The white version is more refreshing compared to the black, just in

The white version is more refreshing than the black, but in the outdoor long time wear, maintenance care may become a problem, this friends also need to pay attention to.

The lightweight design will not add any burden to your feet, so you can wear them on the street everyday.


GIGABYTE’s newest addition to the lineup is a pair of shoes that are designed to be worn on the go. 03

Now on sale
Channels to get it revealed

The new UA HOVR Phantom 2 Storm is now available at the official UNDER ARMOUR flagship store for ¥$1399.

If you want to get your feet wet this winter, you’ll want to get your hands on one!

UNDER ARMOUR Official Flagship Store
Links to get started: https://s.click. taobao.com/UrUavcu
29¥YyGKXzMW1Cd¥ https://m.tb.cn/h.fiASVQC  UNDER ARMOUR官方旗舰店


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