Last year’s original price models this year broke 4,000! Every pair of AJ4 is quietly taking off! The most expensive pair of single for barbs!

When it comes to the ace model of Air Jordan, most gamers will answer without a second thought that it is the Air Jordan 1.

But in the past two years, the Air Jordan 4 has been more popular than the Air Jordan 1.

The Air Jordan 4, which has been released in the last two years, has almost all of its colorways going up in price, while the Air Jordan 1 has a number of upside down colorways.

Many of the Air Jordan 4 that were mediocre at the beginning of the release have now taken off, so I regret not buying them earlier!

Today I’ll bring a summary of the market price of Air Jordan 4 released in the past two years, and see which pair you’ve bottomed out.


White Red Air Jordan 4

No.: DC7770-160
Market Price: DC7770-160
The Air Jordan 4 is available for purchase at a lower price. 160
Market Price: $19xx

The highly coveted Genesis White Red finally made a comeback last year.

The current market price is nearly $2,000, up another hundred or two compared to the previous months. I have to be convinced of the potential of the Genesis colorway.


White Oreo Air Jordan 4

No. CT8527-100
Market price: $23xx yuan

With a cool This year’s white Oreo colorway doesn’t have a sentimental addition, but it’s absolutely fine on your feet.

The current market price is over $2,000, a significant increase from the market price of around $1,500 at the beginning of the sale.


Black Cat Air Jordan 4

Item Number: CU1110-010
Market Price: $42xx Yuan

The Black Cat is

But today’s price of 4,000 is definitely unexpected, and the original price of the Air Jordan 4 must be cherished by everyone!


Electric Mother Air Jordan 4

Item number: CT8527-700
Market price: $14xx yuan

The once sky-high priced

The rare colorway returns, and because the quantity is not small, the current market price is not high.

Probably the only pair of colorways that can be bought below the original price in the last two years. The newest pair is available in a variety of colors.


Small TS Air Jordan 4 “Taupe Haze

Item Number: DB0732-200
Market Price: $21xx

From the time it was revealed, this colorway was branded as the Little TS, and the market price was once as high as $2500 on the eve of the release.

Although the market price has decreased since the launch, it is still stable at over $2,000, making it a good starting point.

North Carolina Air Jordan 4

Item Number: CT8527-400
Market Price: $22xx

The North Carolina has been the

And there are a lot of people using it as a flat replacement for the TS co-branded model, which is currently on the market for

And there are many people who use it as a TS co-branded model.


Air Jordan 4  Neon“

Item Number: CT5342-007
Market Price: $

This pair of Air Jordan 4 that pays homage to the Air Max 95 ”Neon“ was properly considered a collapsed colorway at the beginning of the release.

But now the market price is going straight to 2000, which is really unexpected.

Air Jordan 4 Pure White Metallic Collection

Inspired by the Pure White Metallic Collection from the first year of the Air Jordan 1, last year the Air Jordan 4 was also released in four colorways with a pure white body and electroplated metal lace-up closure.

In the early days of the release, although the word of mouth was super high that it looked good, the market price was only $1500.

Nowadays, every model has doubled up, and the most expensive one goes straight to 4000 yuan.


Air Jordan 4 Red Metallic“
No. CT8527- br />”

Air Jordan 4 Orange Metallic 
Item number: CT8527-118
Market price: $ 29xx 29xx 元

Air Jordan 4 Purple Metallic“
Item number: CT8527-115
Market price: $33xx yuan

Great Paris Air Jordan 4

No. CZ5624-100
Market Price: $24xx

Big Paris shoes are notoriously popular, and this Air Jordan 4 is no different.

The pure white and burgundy color scheme is quite premium, and the logo and heel material are distinctive. The details are distinctive.


Small OW Air Jordan 4 “Shimmer

Item Number: DJ0675-200
Market Price: $16xx 16xx 元

Both the colorway style and the transparent TPU embellishments bear some resemblance to the OFF-WHITE co-branding, known as the Little OW colorway.

This is a good colorway for OW hotness aside, it’s also a good value colorway, currently

Embroidered Air Jordan 4

No. CW0898-400
Market Price: $18xx

To say

The asymmetrical stitching material, blue dye, embroidery, printing and other processes are visually very rich.

The current market price of $1,800 is not cheap, but it is definitely a great value for the Air Jordan 4 that has gone up in price. The Jordan 4 is a great value.


Union x Air Jordan 4

Two waves of a total of four pairs of Union x Air Jordan 4 have been released in the last two years.

Each time, there is one store limited version and one regular version, and the market price is one high and one low.

The first wave of last year’s colorways are already 4,000 and belong to the high-priced co-branding echelon, while this year’s colorways are relatively popular because they are darker.


Union x Air Jordan 4 “Desert Moss”
Item number: DJ5718-300
Market price: $22xx >Market Price: $22xx

Union x Air Jordan 4  Taupe Haze 

Item Number: DJ5718-242
Market Price: $39xx yuan


Union x Air Jordan “Guava Ice”
Stock Number: DC9533-800
Market Price: $45xx


Union x Air Jordan 4 “Off Noir”
Item number: DC9533-001
Market price: $42xx yuan


OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 4

Item Number: CV9588-100
Market Price: $85xx

The king of the Air Jordan 4 in the last two years is the OFF-WHITE co-brand.

After the death of Virgil, this pair of shoes has been in the hands of many players again, and the market price

People’s Choice is a new and exciting way to get your footwear.

The current market price of more than 8,000 can already be exchanged for a single pair of low-top barbs.

These Air Jordan 4’s are the only ones you can get. >How many of these Air Jordan 4s have you gotten your hands on?

How much did you get them for?

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