Pique “new big triangle” and handsome and can fight! Netizens: who can stand this price?

Pique “new big triangle” and handsome and can fight! Netizens: who can stand this price?

As the footwear representative among domestic shoes, Pico’s “State of the Art Technology” is favored by many players.

The surging ultra-lightweight Grand Triangle debuted last year stood out from many domestic sneakers with its uncommon face and soft, bouncy feel. After a year of settling down, this year’s all-around upgrade brings the “State Great Triangle” that incorporates Pico’s latest technology.

What exactly is the value and performance after the upgrade?

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The overall body of the shoe is made of ice white as the main color, and the outer midsole is covered with gradient TPU of ice blue and dreamy pink, which brings the sweetness of macaroon ice cream element into the shoe design.

As a pair of basketball sneakers, the biggest highlight is the comprehensive configuration this time around.

The upper features a new Surface technology that wraps around the toe, reducing the weight of the shoe while improving the folding and breathability, and enhancing the upper wrap in all directions.

The midsole has been changed from a full palm P-POPUP technology to a Super

The SUPER”P-MOTIVE logo is printed on the side of the forefoot, and the SUPER“P-MOTIVE technology provides a 65% rebound rate with a quick and responsive start.

The rear palm is a lighter weighted model with a more balanced landing cushion, reducing the shoe’s weight and improving its performance.

The outsole features a crystal sole with an embedded nylon plate for stability. It is also equipped with a large exposed lateral support TPU to provide better responsiveness and ensure the support of the shoe.

In addition, the new last is used for the state of the art triangle to make the forefoot wrap more tightly.

In addition, the new last is designed to provide a tighter fit for the forefoot.

Another pair of ” Obsidian   colorway in black.

The configuration is also matched with “one molded dual density ”technology.

The only difference is that the outsole technology has been changed from a crystal sole to a rubber outsole, which not only prevents the crystal sole from oxidizing, but also increases the abrasion resistance.

The more surprising thing is that the pricing of the fully upgraded GIGABYTE triangle is cheaper than the previous large triangle.

* Due to certain mobile phone limitations, users may need to connect the mobile phone to their PC before the PC enters S4/S5 mode.

It is reported that the new Pico Extreme Triangle · Ice Cream “ and ” Obsidian “ are already on sale at Pico’s official Tmall flagship store for ¥599, interested parties can copy the Taobao order below to get it.

Pique State Great Triangle
Get your hands on the link: https://s.click.taobao.com/ GAoefcu
淘口令(复制以下整段):28¥CfxoXACP7ng¥ https://m.tb.cn/h.fiAkxkY ”匹克态极大三角 Basketball Shoes Ice Cream Obsidian Colorway 2021 Winter New Sports Solid Sneakers [Order Now]


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