“Splicing small barbs” AJ1 on sale this week! After seeing the physical picture more want!

The Air Jordan 1 “, dubbed “The Little Barb” by gamers, will officially debut this weekend. Hand Crafted” will officially debut this weekend, along with the release of official photos, the latest physical and footwear effects have also surfaced on the internet, allowing us to get a first look!

The overall color scheme is rich, with a white base, complemented by a barb-like light brown outline.

The overall color scheme is richly layered with a white base, complemented by a barb-like light brown tone to outline the contours.

The fuchsia, pink, silver, and black patchwork details, along with the extensive brushed leather additions, have the right visual balance to hold the right balance despite the overall color.

The winged logo on the upper is embossed through the canvas, and a closer look at the toe edge conceals the 3M reflective setting, echoing the silver color of the heel, further unleashing the personality.

The upper footwear effect with the included sand-colored laces has the plain texture of “small barbs” and exudes the eye-catching vitality of multiple shades, which is a relatively high value new product recently.

The latest news is that it will be available worldwide on December 18th, priced at ¥$170, and further details of the domestic launch will be closely monitored. The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup.

Air Jordan 1 “Hand Crafted
Item Number: DH3097-001
Release Date: December 18
Release Price: $170


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