Syracuse, North Carolina blue are there! This year’s super hot dark horse shoes are here again! And luxury gift sets!

New Balance has been nothing short of a “dark horse maker” in recent years.

The previous models such as the 327 and 2002R were quietly on fire on the streets, and even hard to find a shoe.

This year, New Balance has brought back the vintage basketball shoe model 550, which has quietly become a hit again and become one of the hottest shoes in this year’s Vibe style.

▼ Bieber, Bella and other celebrities are wearing them

I brought the unboxing on the feet first today, the release information is at the end of the article, want to buy must

The shoe includes three colorways, presented in white orange, black and white, and blue and white.

It just so happens that Syracuse and North Carolina are the retro campus colorways that have been super hot in recent years.

The uppers are all made of high quality leather with perforated and smooth textured matching. The upper is made of high quality leather with perforations and smooth texture to bring a rich layered look.

Unlike previous colorways, the New Balance 550 has a basketball logo on the tongue, highlighting the retro basketball theme.

In addition to the sneakers, this special gift set includes a basketball backpack, Spalding basketball and pump.

In addition to the sneakers, this special gift set includes a basketball backpack, Spalding basketball and pump.

The colorways correspond to the shoes in the set.

The New Balance 550 continues the brand’s tradition of outstanding quality and versatility.

With the Vibe trend now in full swing, wearing these simple yet premium sneakers is the most forgiving way to go.

The HACKMIND padded and warm sports pants that I’m wearing this time are padded and thickened. The loose fit, comfortable and warm to wear, is perfect for winter sneaker wear.

Today there is a  FC exclusive special offer for $149, today only!

The fit is loose, so please check the sizing information

HACKMIND Padded Warm Athletic Pants
Price: $149 (originally $269, today’s FC special offer)
Tao’s password (copy the entire paragraph below):
27ha year can start heart he more on the self-study of the day letter  HACKMIND padded thickening warm casual sports pants heavyweight pockets black

(Uniform shipment on Monday)

The sale is very special, as it debuts as a backpack, so it is sold as a single unit.

While it is a retro model, the comfort level is not pulling across.

Soft leather with thick padding for a snug and comfortable fit, while the sole has the necessary cushioning to handle long hours of daily wear.

The previous New Balance 550’s good looking colorways were priced at a good price. The three new colorways of the avant-garde don’t miss out.

The New Balance 550 Spaulding Special Gift Set will be available exclusively on December 26th on the DEVON APP, so don’t miss out if you like it.


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