The co-branded AJ3 models all take off! But there is a pair of universal models than the “big lightning” more expensive! Netizen: regret not bought earlier!

There is less than a month left in 2021 and this year’s heavyweight shoes are pretty much on sale, so what do you think? Which pair is the king of shoes this year?

The AMM x Air Jordan 3, which was released in the first half of the year, is now priced at over $4,000, which has deterred many sneakerheads.

In addition to the “Big Lightning” price tag, there’s a pair of general  Air Jordan 3 that’s even more expensive than that!

Today I’m going to dish out for you the Air Jordan 3 that has been on sale for the last two years, and the price surprise is too much!


A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 3

Stock Number: DH3434-110
On Sale Price: $1499
Market Price: around $41xx (42.5 yards)

AMM x Air Jordan 3 is the best co-branding in the first half of this year, with excellent texture and exquisite workmanship, showing a unique temperament different from other Air Jordan 3.

Whether you look at them from afar or up close, these shoes will make you fall in love with them, but with a market price of $4000, the barrier to entry is really not low. =”text-align: center;”>Air Jordan 3  Cool Grey

Item Number: CT8532-012
On Sale Price: $1399
Market price: around $14xx (size 42.5)

Although not a first-year colorway, the “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 3“ has a special place in the hearts of old shoe fans, and after 14 years of being replicated again, it really is time to shout: Master Green back!

At the moment, 42.5 yards are around ¥1400, so if you want to get your hands on the original price, you must get started. =”text-align: center;”>Air Jordan 3 ”Navy Blue

Item Number: CT8532-401
On Sale Price: $1399
Market price: around $13xx (42.5 yards)

The entire pair is constructed using navy blue lychee leather throughout, with the heel continuing the Air Jordan 3 classic burst pattern, highlighting the high specs as always.

Now at around $1300, it’s not too late to get your hands on them.


Air Jordan 3 “Pine Green

No. CT8532-030
Sale Price

The nubuck leather with the signature burst pattern is simple yet durable, and the green Jumpman logo on the tongue”is complemented by yellow trim to create the visual effect of the “Oregon” colorway.

The current market price of $1100 is not too expensive, making them a must-have for everyday commuting.


Air Jordan 3  Patchwork“”

Item Number: DO1830- 200
On sale price: $1399
Market price: around $14xx (size 42.5)

The whole pair of shoes are inspired by vintage military stores and military style fabrics, which I believe will be loved by many men’s shoes fans who love military style.

Because of the nature of the material, it will leave its own traces with wear and tear, and at the current market price of around ¥1400, it is a rare treasure of a good shoe.


Air Jordan 3  Racer Blue

No. CT8532-145
Sale Price

The cool white and blue Air Jordan 3 resembles Fujiwara Ho’s lightning bolt, both in terms of face value and wearing with it, I think it is a very good versatile model.

The current price of around ¥1400 is still acceptable.

Fragment Design x Air Jordan 3

Item Number: DA3595-100
On Sale Price: $1599

Market price: around $ 30xx (42.5 yards)

The current market price is around ¥3,000, although the design was criticized by netizens as uninspiring, but the whole pair of shoes still looks good.

Air Jordan 3 SE  Red Cement 

Item Number: CK5692-600
On Sale Price: $1399
Market price: around $12xx (size 42.5)

The white midsole with red upper coincides with the Air Jordan 3 black cement color scheme, and the heel features the Nike Air OG shape, which also looks quite like black cement from the back.

The current price of around ¥1200 is about one hundred yuan lower than the original price, so we recommend the self-worn party to get it.

Air Jordan 3 ”Blue Cement 

Item Number: CT8532-400
On Sale Price: $1399
Market price: around $11xx (42.5 yards)
▼ DJ Khaled Friends and Family Edition Air Jordan 3

< img src="" alt=""/>

The overall design is similar to DJ Khaled’s overpriced co-branded Air Jordan 3 < mytag />Another One” is so similar that it’s hard to tell the difference without looking closely.

At the current price of around $1100, I think it’s still a very worthy pair of shoes that you can consider. =”text-align: center;”>Air Jordan 3  UNC“

Item Number: CT8532-104
Sale Price: $1399 1399 yuan
Market price: about $33xx yuan (42.5 yards)

These shoes are basically the same color scheme as the non-market PE version, except the UNC logo on the tongue of the PE version is replaced with the Jumpman logo, and the embroidery texture is still very solid.

The current market price is around ¥3300, which is more expensive than the “Big Lightning” Air Jordan 3”, so it seems like a high value colorway should be bought before it’s too late!


Air Jordan 3 WMNS “Rust Pink

Item Number: CK9246-600
Launch price: $1399
Market price: around $14xx (size 42.5)

Iconic burst print on the toe and heel is presented in grey and pink for a refreshing visual experience.

The market price is around ¥1400, although this shoe is WMNS specification, but the size range will also cover men’s size, will “fierce men” choose to get it?

Air Jordan 3  Court Purple

Item Number: CT8532-050
On Sale Price: $1399
Market price: around $12xx (size 42.5)

The lace holes, tongue Jumpman Logo, and heel details are all purple, and the black and purple clash is also known as the Laker Air Jordan 3 by many users.

The current market price is around ¥1200, and the dark color is very suitable for wearing in autumn and winter, which is both versatile and eye-catching.

Air Jordan 3 WMNS ”Laser Orange

Stock Number: CK9246-108

The burst pattern at the heel with a splash of yellow presents the classic temperament of the Air Jordan 3, with the same great value.
Although it is WMNS specification, the maximum size still covers up to 44.5 yards, currently 42.5 yards at around ¥2100.

Air Jordan 3 SE-T “Fire Red
Item Number: CZ6431-100
Launch price: $1399
Market price: around $20xx (42.5 yards)

Flame red with clear rubber on the heel is a sight to behold.

The current market price is around ¥2000, which is a bit unexpected compared to the launch price of ¥1399. =”text-align: center;”>Air Jordan 3 SE ”Animal Instinct 2.0 

Item Number: CV3583- 003
On sale price: $1899
Market price: around $15xx (42.5 yards)

The shoe is presented in a variety of animal textures such as snake print and crocodile skin, with the classic pop-up elements on the heel, known by players as the zoo theme.

The market price is around $15xx, which is sure to make the feet of the little ones feel a new style that they haven’t had before.

Pic via: highsnobiety/sneakerfreaker/
Which pair are you all going to get?

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