The eggshell gift box is cool! The Wild Ball Emperor x Zhu Jing Yi co-branded set is now on sale!

“Wild Thing COURTMAN” recently teamed up with calligrapher Zhu Jingyi to bring a set of “ Wild Thing” co-branded basketball limited edition gift box.

The two sides combined the concept and vision of LIVECOURT court to create the Wild Thing, which represents everything that keeps growing no matter what the environment is, symbolizing the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and keep moving up.

The entire gift box is in the shape of an eggshell, and the design is based on the legend of “ Genghis Khan”. The gift box includes a limited edition #7 basketball, a limited edition commemorative necklace, a limited edition commemorative silicone bracelet, a limited edition commemorative Velcro #1 basketball, and a limited edition leather commemorative photo frame.

Now available on December 18, 2012 at the DEVON APP

* Due to the high quality of the product, the product is available for download.


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