The last sneaker circle “heavy activities” this year! The last day you play high?

These two years, as the sneaker culture has become hot, the successive sneaker circle activities have greatly enriched the players’

The sneaker community is a great place to experience the latest in sneaker culture.

Among them, Nike, as the big brother of the shoe circle, has carried out “Shoe Circle Resonance” activities in China in the past two years, have you participated?

Last week, 2021 “Shoe Circle Resonance” officially ended in Beijing Lang Yuan VINTAGE, offering us the passion from sneakers in the cold winter.

This year’s “Shoe Circle Resonance” event lasted 4 days in total. With the theme of “, Soulgoods manager – Ji Ming, social skateboard manager – Li Wenjin, Beijing skateboard team – Lovespot, street dance artist – Stanly, RMB DANCEBANK manager Eleven, and special guests: National Skateboard Champion – Pan Jiajie, veteran skateboarder – Xigua, and the first skateboarder – Xigua. Veteran skater – Watermelon and new generation dancer – Yang Yuting together bring the coolest live presentation through sneaker exhibition, artwork exhibition, skateboard and street dance performance.

But one of the most high profile days of this year’s Shoe Resonance is the December 11th JORDAN event.

I was also fortunate enough to participate in the JORDAN NIGHT on the night of December 11, and those who did not have access to the scene may want to review the scene with me at the time!

When you step into the venue, the first thing that catches your eye is the many sneakers on display as

Multiple display areas at the venue review the history of Jordan

Such cold knowledge, do you know?

In addition to the full set of OFF-WHITE THE TEN co-branded collection

These are the first two years that we’ve had the opportunity to work with the company’s team of designers.

In addition to that, there were also Zhang Huh, Guo Longfei, Pink Money, Ying CG, Shala, and many other artists created themed artworks.

Many of the artists’ design themes revolve around the just released “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11.

As the last “must-have” Air Jordan generation of the year, the “Cool” Air Jordan is a must-have.

The event also features a “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11 themed workshop for players to get their hands on the Air Jordan 11.

The event also features a “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11 themed workshop for players to create their own trendy necklaces.

Many KOLs were also on hand to bring the “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11 and the girls-only Black and Jordan 11 and the girls-only Black and White colorway Air Jordan 11 to share.

Finally, JORDAN NIGHT ended with a passionate street dance battle. NIGHT officially ended.

I wonder what you got out of this year’s Shoe Circle Resonance? What are you looking forward to next year?

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