Yesterday’s raid market price take off! “Patent leather forbidden to wear” AJ1 early unboxing! Foot real fragrance warning!

I thought the dust had settled on the new shoes by the end of the year, but I didn’t expect a pair of unexpected surprises one after another.

The patent leather black and red Air Jordan 1 “Bred Patent” first revealed earlier this year is finally coming!

The national debut of the DEAL was yesterday, and the current market price for the men’s size is close to 3,000, and the women’s size is even more expensive at close to 4,000.

Today we bring you the first time to unbox the foot show, although the patent leather was a lot of people trolling, but after seeing the real thing, I personally feel that it looks much better than imagined.

▼ 小编开箱实拍

When it comes to the Black and Red Air Jordan 1, one word that has to be mentioned is “Banned from Wearing”, which is also the widely known nickname of this pair of shoes.

Nike created a black and red colorway of the Air Ship 1 for Michael Jordan, and the shoe was banned from games by the NBA shortly after it came out.

▼ The Air Ship 1 that was first banned from the game

The Air Ship 1 was first banned from the game by the NBA.

The Nike brand later used the league’s ban as inspiration for its Air Jordan 1 campaign, and defied the ban by paying a fine for Michael Jordan to play in the black and red Air Jordan 1.

Nike’s show-stopping move directly made the Black and Red the most popular shoe in the Air Jordan family and the entire sneaker world.

The last time it returned was in 2016, and now the high market price has deterred many people from getting their hands on it now.

Returning after five years with a patent leather version, although not the original replica, but still retains part of the soul and essence of the first year.

Plus, there really aren’t many new Air Jordan 1 products that look good this year.

The entire upper is made of patent leather, and the classic black and red color scheme restores the OG flavor.

The patent leather material has its pros and cons, and I purposely took out the 2016 Black and Red The Air Jordan 1 makes a comparison.

The pros are that patent leather looks more vibrant and eye-catching than traditional leather, while patent leather also

The advantage is that patent leather looks more vibrant and eye-catching than traditional leather, while patent leather also has a unique shine that is transparent.

The downside is that patent leather is indeed inferior to lychee leather in terms of texture performance and feel.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Air Jordan 1 New Year colorway is that It shows the sheer beauty of the color, and even though it doesn’t have a lot of design details, it still managed to be popular for decades.

The black frame, red toe, Swoosh, and the black winged logo on the upper are the finishing touches.

Black and red are a perfect match. Although there are several pairs of Air Jordan 1 in black and red colorways in the past two years, only the “Bred” renders the charm of black and red to the extreme.

This year’s patent leather version adds a lot of new elements to the details, such as the shoe

A red metallic Jumpman tag is also included to enhance the detail of the whole pair.

The shoe box has been specially treated with a coating on the classic black and red shoe box to give it a similar finish to the sneaker. A patent leather texture similar to that of sneakers.

The reason why the Black and Red Air Jordan 1 is so popular is because it looks so good on your feet. It looks so good.

Paired with a pair of black leggings to bring out the entire shoe, this is the The most authentic way to wear the Air Jordan 1.

The HACKMIND Padded Warm Athletic Pants that I paired this time are padded and thickened with a relaxed fit, comfortable and warm to wear, great for winter sneaker wear.

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On the feet The effect is really not much different from traditional black and red, and the patent leather material is stiffer, so the upper won’t cave in from long wear.

It is important to note that patent leather material is afraid of cuts and scratches, so it is very obvious when you wear it.

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According to my experience, the Air Jordan 1 that looks good on the foot

The latest news is that this pair of Air Jordan 1  Bred Patent  will be officially released on December 30, and the domestic is confirmed to be released at the end of this month. The newest news is that the Air Jordan 1 “Bred Patent” will be released on December 30, and the domestic version will be released at the end of this month.

After seeing the unboxing today, are you excited?


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